The EasyShoe Versa Grip is the new and improved version of the EasyShoe Versa that made its debut in 2019.

All of the Versa Grip shoes feature an aggressive tread pattern, 12 nailing holes, a debris guard, pre-angled side clips, and both front and hind pattern options. There are four different styles of the Versa Grip that include these features, as well as some extra features unique to each style.

nmEasyShoe Versa Grip

The Versa Grip has a metal inlay that goes from quarter to quarter, offering a bit more stability in the shoe. There are holes in the toe for optional Quick Stud placement.



EasyShoe Versa Grip with Studsnm

This is the same shoe as the Grip, but with two stud receptors at both heel points. These stud receptors will fit any ¾ stud. This would be a great option in grassy or icy environments.




nmEasyShoe Versa Grip Gold

If you are looking for a nail-on option with more flexibility, then this is the one for you! This style has gold, metal nailing plates, but no metal at the heel or toe. This feature allows for more flexibility and a bigger range of motion.


EasyShoe Versa Grip Lightnm

This composite shoe contains no metal at all. The Grip Light will offer, as the name suggests, a very light hoof protection option. This shoe will also offer a wider range of motion, mimicking more natural hoof flexion.



Check out this video done by our very own Hoof Care Practitioner and Veterinarian Sales Representative, Dan Schroeder, for a more in-depth breakdown of each style, as well as sizing and application tips.