With my new Easyboot Trail boots in hand, I met my two riding pals on Sunday for a much needed trail ride. I tossed a box containing said boots to my friend Brenda and said, “here, use these on your horse”. And I walked away.

Trail Box

Brenda likes to ride my gaited Missouri Fox Trotter, Patch. I used a pair on my mustang and Brenda used a pair on Patch. Brenda had no trouble at all putting on the boots. She was tickled at how easily they slid right on. Shirley, our other riding pal, watched us boot our boys and made the comment of how anyone could use these boots… they were that easy!

Trail On

The Easyboot Trail looked very well fitting on our mounts. I used my Old Mac G2 gaiters with these boots, which worked perfectly. I decided to use the gaiters on this ride since this was the first time using the boots. EasyCare sells these exact same gaiters for use with the Trail boot.

During our ride, we went through river rock, sand and we did do some serpentines and small ups and downs. The boots on either horse never twisted! We did some trotting/gaiting out a bit, and the boots did not sound clunky, in fact, they sounded very solid

Trail Close Up Gaiter

Side Trail

Our three-hour trail ride finally came to an end. As I removed the Easyboot Trails from my horse, I checked for any sign that a boot had been on his hooves. Nope, no sign! Unless you count the dust you see on the fetlocks!

Fetlock Dust Trail

Brenda’s mount had zero signs as well. No rubbing, chafing, or scuffmarks were to be seen on these toes!

Easyboot Trail No Scuff Toes

All in all, I am so pleased at the performance of these horse hoof boots. They’re easy to put on; they stay in place (and let me tell you; we tried to get the boots to turn or twist), and they were easy to remove. My arthritic thumbs thank you EasyCare. I also like the fact that the Easyboot Trail are sold separately, as my Mustang takes a Size 2 on one hoof and a Size 3 on the other. Brilliant.

By Sabrina Liska