We wanted to share an update from our Valentine’s Day Giveaway winner. Jill sent in a photo of herself and her horses and won a pair of Easyboot Glove Softs! Thanks for participating, Jill, and thank you for sharing your photos!

I do endurance and trail riding, and the Glove Softs are perfect for me and my horses. Both horses I compete with use them successfully.

What I really love about them is their simplicity and value. Fewer parts involved.

They last a long time for me and do a great job protecting my horses’ hooves from the Arizona rocks.

I’m no spring chicken, but I have no problem putting the boots on. I have even gotten good at applying tape to my horses’ hooves before I put the boots on to make them even more secure.

I’ve dabbled in other hoof boots styles here and there, but have come to realize the Glove Softs are the best for me!