Tina and I started emailing in August. We went round and round about which Easycare protective hooof boot would be the best fit for her horse and then round and round about sizing. She has a very solid Clydesdale/Quarter Horse and her fronts measured 165mm wide and 155mm long. We finally established that she would take a size 5 in the EasyCare Boa boot

Time went by and I thought about Tina; however, many customers do sizing through us and then purchase protective hoof boots from our many dealers.  I figured that is what happened until I received another email from Tina saying that she decided to also boot the rears. We went round and round again, not about the Boa Boots, about if she should order a size 3 or a size 4 for her horse’s rears.

All through this dialogue, I never realized that Tina wasn’t in the States. Until I received her email that said, "You are right, of course, and I was laying in bed this morning realizing that I was talking about a difference of one millimeter, so not exactly a huge problem with breakover!"

Since it was almost 5pm here in Tucson, Arizona, I immediately emailed her and said, "Where are you?"

Here’s a picture of Tina and her horse in Australia waiting for their Boa Boots.

Tina says "We don’t do any great shakes, though, just blonking along having fun together. I trim her myself and she has great feet after only six months barefoot! In fact, here we are barefoot – obviously, no pictures with boots yet!"

Dee Hoime


Customer Service

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