If you’ve been reading my EasyCare blogs right along, I’m sure that you are all familiar with my friend, Anne, and her horses. Well, here are two more.

Anne writes, "Here’s a picture of my TWH 3 year old filly. She’s the one with hooves of steel (thanks to natural hoof trimming and natural horse care). I hopped on her today for a quick spin. She has had only one week of training and that was back in May. We had to do some stifle surgery on her so she was laid up until now. She’s a peppy girl, but with such a good mind that I can just hop on her and she behaves!" She is the next candidate for protective hoof boots and Anne is hoping that she will fit into the Easyboot Glove.

And the next little guy will just steal your heart away! Remember Anne’s handsome TWH stallion named Cadence? Well, here’s JR’s story. He is the result of an accidental breeding between Cadence and a mare who escaped from her pasture and managed to break Cadence out of his paddock. The mare is a cutting horse, so it should be an interesting result. Anne said "Maybe a gaited ranch horse with cow sense?"

Whatever the result, he is a fine looking colt: almost as big as Mama.

Anne is a firm believer in natural horse care, natural hoof care and uses protective hoof boots whenever barefoot just needs a little help from EasyCare.

Dee Hoime


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