Welcome to The Chronicles of the Pink Helmet! My name is Amanda Washington. I have been riding horses since the age of eight, when I started riding a ginormous OTTB. I did pony club for a few years, and then got into riding and showing Arabian horses. I gave endurance a shot in 2004, when a friend convinced me to take my hunter pleasure show horse, CRA Samurai (Sammi), out for a "trail ride." HAH! That was the hardest 25 miles of my life! 

Photo Courtesy of Stevebradleyphotography.com

I have since gone on to compete almost 2000 miles throughout the Northwest. My gelding, Sammi, was probably the most talented guy I will ever own. Unfortunately the years and years of "show shoes" and subsequent poor trimming on the off season took its toll on Sammi’s feet, and he developed navicular at the young age of thirteen. Sammi has since retired, and I have become obsessed with natural hoofcare and barefoot trimming. 

I have been using hoof boots for the past three years, and have been trimming my own horses for just about as long. I found the Easycare Gloves and Glue-Ons last year and haven’t looked back since! I am excited to continue using and experimenting with various Easycare boots and glues throughout the 2010 AERC ride season. I hope this pink helmet sees many miles of beautiful Northwest trails this year! 

Amanda Washington