When it comes to the Easyboot Glove, we cannot stress enough how much a good fit will contribute to the success of the boot. There is no better way to measure your horses hooves than to take a millimeter ruler and measure straight from the hoof itself.

Unlike some of the other Easycare Boots, the Glove has no fastening system and must “fit like a glove”. One of the ways that many people would like to measure is by tracing the horses hooves on a piece of paper. However, you may be surprised how inaccurate this method can be. It’s like tracing your hand on a piece of paper: the drawing always looks bigger than your  hand.

I did an experiment on my horse Abe where I traced the hooves on some cardboard and compared the tracings to the actual measurements. The results speak for themselves and just go to show that the best way to measure is straight from the hoof.

Length measuring 113 Width measuring 110

Measuring from the actual hoof, this horse is 110 mm wide by 113 mm long suggesting that this horse would wear either a 0 or a 0.5 Easyboot.

Measures 117mm in widthLength 128mm

On the tracing this hoof measures 117 mm wide by 128 mm long suggesting that this horse would wear a 1.5 Easyboot Glove.

This horse actually wears a size 0 Glove proving that measuring directly from the hoof and the use of a Fit Kit is paramount in fitting a Glove perfectly.

Miriam Rezine


Customer Service

You will probably speak with me if you call the EasyCare office to make a purchase or if you need help with one of our products. I am proud to work for a company dedicated to the health and well being of our equine partners.



  1. Very well explained and demonstrated. It will help everybody to properly select the right size boot. Thank You, Miriam