This may seem odd to some but Curly loves it when I massage him with my manure fork. So many fingers all in a row just feel so good to Curly. Just one of the ways this Team Easyboot member love to spoil her ‘partner in fun’.

And one could see it as some good training since some horses could be afraid of the manure fork coming at them. And touching them, until they realize just how good it feels.

It also improves communication between owners and their horses. One quickly learns to watch and listen to their horse as it is easy to see how the horse will move around so you can massage in the perfect spots. Learn to notices the little changes in your horse, how their eyes change and their upper lip extends out in pure pleasure from what you are doing for them.

The bonus to me of using my manure fork, is it is easier on my hands. I can get to every one of Curly’s spots as he moves himself around without my hands getting tired from massaging him. This is a fun easy way to built a closed bond with your horse. Give it a try!


Martha Nicholas