Now that ride season is in full swing our Easyboot Glove has been flying out the door. Some customers are looking for a little extra snugness with their Easyboot Glove. If you lose an occasional boot or still need some extra snugness after installing the power straps the solution is Mueller’s Athletic Tape. The tape will also help if your hooves have mild flaring. The boots do have to be sized correctly: the tape will not help with boots that are too big to start with.

We have received numerous calls recently on the tape and how to use it so I have posted some instructions below. As always, if you have any questions please call us.

1. Start the tape at the back of the hoof. You will be taping only the portion of the hoof that the boot will be covering. Make sure the tape is kept below the hairline.


2. Wrap the tape around hoof, overlapping the bottom of the first layer with the next layer.

3. Wrap around hoof 3-4 times depending on how snug you want your boots. Remember, the more layers the harder the boot will be to remove.

4. Here is how the hoof will look from the front.




5. Here is how the hoof will look from the side.


6. Here is how the hoof will look from below.

7. Put on your Glove and ride!

Shari Murray


Customer Service


  1. @maria stock: the next best thing is athletic wrap that stretches and sticks to itself, sold in horse catalogs in different colors…cannot get it too "layered" as it will bunch when you go to put the glove over it. whatever you tape on, you have to be aware of the "bunching" at the top of the boot. ride on!

  2. Is the Meuller athletic tape the same as the zinc oxide tape available in the UK. "Meuller athletic tape" doesn’t appear as a product available in the UK.

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