Tevis is the talk of the town these days, and with good reason. The Tevis Cup is regarded as one of the most challenging and prestigious horse endurance races in the world.

In fact, Time Magazine recently ranked Tevis alongside extreme endurance competitions like the Iditarod, the Tour de France and the Dakar Rally in its list of the world’s Top 10 Endurance Competitions.

As anyone who has ridden Tevis can tell you, that’s no surprise. The weather, the terrain, and the sheer distance of 100 miles all conspire to challenge even the most seasoned horse and rider teams to their breaking point.

I was there last year as part of the easycareinc.com crew, to support the riders we fitted with Easyboots and to take some photos when I could slip away from a vet check area.

This year I will be focusing a bit more on getting some good photos of horse and rider teams using Easyboots for hoof protection. Last year we offered to fit EasyCare hoof boots free of charge for any horse and rider team competing in the event. Our idea was that if Easyboots could perform well in the toughest of endurance events, it would show that they could handle just about anything.

Booted riders fitted with Easyboots performed better than we could have hoped, so this year we stepped it up and offered to reimburse the Tevis entry fee for any horse and rider that completes the race on Easyboots. We have over 30 takers on that offer, so it should be an exciting race. Stay tuned for Tevis 2010 photos!

Gabriel Luethje


Graphic Design

As the graphic designer and photographer, I am responsible for the design and implementation of all of the EasyCare visual marketing materials including website, blogs, catalogs, brochures and packaging for our products.