Pete has been deeply involved in all aspects of equine hoof care with Ernest Woodward and their affiliation with Dr. Mark Silverman and the Southern California Equine Podiatry Center. His ongoing full-time apprenticeship with Ernest provides Pete with the opportunity to work with some of the top dressage horses in the country, both at home in San Diego and around the country. His experience includes traditional equine shoeing, barefoot trimming and booting, composite glue-on shoeing applications, and founder care/therapeutic applications. Pete lives in Ramona, CA and works throughout the San Diego area, including Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe.

Pete currently provides hoof care for between 100 and 125 horses every month. His primary focus when not working directly with Ernest is on working barefoot dressage horses, and therapeutic shoeing applications. The proudest moment in his hoof care career was being able to provide the options and support for a chronically lame retired horse to come back to full work with EasyShoes.

Ernest Woodward has been Pete’s primary influence in understanding and applying a wide range of podiatry solutions for horses in a variety of working conditions. His association with the Southern California Equine Podiatry Center and Dr. Mark Silverman has been a priceless source of information and inspiration for Pete, as well as the frequent clinics they regularly present throughout the country allow him a larger perspective of podiatry needs in different environments. In addition, the influence of Pete Ramey’s teachings led him from trimming his own horses to expanding his passion for equine podiatry as his main life focus.

When asked about the greatest challenge in his hoof care practice today, Pete says he needs to constantly keeping an open mind to adapt and change when new products, technologies and methods evolve and develop in the field. He also says it is important to make the time to attend clinics and meet peers around the world for exposure to the best minds and talents in equine hoof care. His third identified challenge is to keep the courage to try new things.

Looking towards the Easyboot Elite week at the 2015 edition of the Western States Trail Ride, he says the thing that excites him the most is the no-room-for-error, all-in opportunity to help Tevis competitors and their equine partners get the absolute most out of their partnership and the latest EasyCare technologies to realize their maximum potential at the event.

Pete has been a lifelong surfer, and as regularly traveled internationally to the Caribbean, Fiji, Hawaii, mainland Mexico and other destinations in the search of large and perfect waves.

The Easyboot Elite team is a group of six gluing professionals from around the country who will spend the week before the 2015 edition of the Western States Endurance Ride gluing Easyboot Glue-Ons onto horses entered to compete in the ride. Together, they form the most accomplished and sophisticated team of gluing professionals in the world.