Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Jordan Junkermann

There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding our new 11 Finger Tab system. Using only these tabs and super glue, many people have had great success applying the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light. This has led us to question whether we can apply other EasyShoes with super glue, instead of using Adhere or Bond.

I recently did some product testing of my own to experiment more with super glue. I like the EasyShoe Performance, and I wanted to find out how super glue would affect the flexibility of the side tabs on this shoe, and how well it would keep the shoe on the hoof.

The application process for hoof preparation is the same regardless of the glue or shoe type. I used super glue on the side tabs of the Performance shoes, and applied plastic wrap while I waited for them to dry, as is recommended when applying the 11 Finger Tabs.

The shoes have now been on for a week, and they’re holding up well so far. I do see a bit of break away at the heel where it didn’t have a great connection to begin with, and some on the front of the front left hoof. I believe this is due to interference with the other hoof. This could be solved by using a Hoof Buffy and smoothing out the tab after the glue is set.

I rode four miles the day after I applied the shoes without issue. The terrain was a hilly, rocky, dirt trail. The following weekend I rode thirty-six miles in two days. This terrain consisted of water, pavement, sand, rocks, and dirt trail. I feel like the shoes were put to the test on a wide range of terrains.

At this point, here are some tips I would suggest to anyone who wants to try for themselves:

  1. It would be worth it to cut vertical slits in the tab (to mimic the 11 Finger design). I believe this will allow each section to sit better against the hoof wall and hopefully reduce the peeling I was seeing.
  2. Work on one hoof at a time during application. I had trouble getting my horse to keep weight bearing on the hind feet while the glue was drying (this may have affected the integrity of the glue connection and might be why I am seeing some peeling). If you do one hoof at a time, you can keep the feet weight-bearing more easily, in my opinion.
  3. Make sure to wrap the plastic wrap tightly around the hoof. It was difficult for me to get the wrap tight enough around the hoof after I applied the shoe. I think cutting vertical slits in the side tabs will allow for a tighter fit.

Have you tried applying the EasyShoe Performance or other EasyShoes with super glue? Let us know! We think there’s a lot of possibilities with this application method.


    • No, they won’t fit a hoof that size, unfortunately. The largest size in the EasyShoe Performance will fit a hoof that’s about 6 inches wide x 6 1/4 inches long.

  1. How do you keep rocks from getting under the shoe?
    I did this application (wish I could send you a pic), I put cuts in the cuffs to mimic the tabs. Rode today through rock, mud, more rock, many water crossings, and at the end of our 10 miles, I picked out so much rock, some was under the shoe in the CG’s.
    So, now I’m wondering if I should put DIM in the open space and cast so the DIM stays in.
    Just some thoughts.

    I know the Versa Lights have the rock guard, and I plan to put those on my other horse prior to an upcoming trip with extreme rocky, mud and many water crossings.

    • The best options for keeping debris from getting under the shoe are to apply the shoe and then use a pour in pad (such as Vettec’s Equipak), or to use DIM before you apply the shoe.

  2. I’m about to give this a go on own little QH mare who lives in a pretty hilly paddock with a few swampy bits. Excited to see how they hold up.

  3. This is so exciting!!! I am anxiously watching as I want to try this as well! Thank you for always thinking outside the box!
    Happy Trails,

  4. Do you think you would be able to reset the same shoe after it comes off? While I hate hunting for lost shoes, I hate buying new shoes more! I haven’t tried the Versa Grip and 11 Finger Tab combination yet, but am intrigued by the ability to reset the shoe.

  5. Can someone address: In the event the shoe stays glued for weeks, how can you get it off after using super glue?

  6. Love this! I have a set of performance left over but have some Adhere residue that wouldn’t come off with the nylon sanding wheel. I’m thinking of applying a spray rubber sealant like Flex Seal to the side tabs to create a better bonding surface. Will experiment and update here with the results.

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