After talking with a friend who uses EasyCare hoof boots we decided to try them for one of our horses. Our horse Tampa was sensitive on rocks and when the farrier would remove his shoes for a trim. Tampa would pull back when our farrier was trying to remove his shoes even after pulling nails one at a time. I think it bothered us more than our farrier but it also told us Tampa needed a change. We decided to get them for our horse Jack also. Jack had never been shod and wasn’t tender footed but had trouble with cracking and chipping to the point that large chunks of hoof wall would come off. Now both boys do very well and have no problem with us putting on or taking off the Easyboot Glove. This is our third summer using hoof boots and I encourage others to give them a try.

Name: Janet Broadhacker
City: Maroa, IL, USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove