For EasyCare, Tevis will always be special. From 1955-2019, Tevis was a 24-hour, 100-mile horse ride from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, California.

Since 2009, many EasyCare products were tested on this challenging ride. The rocks, dust, distance, climbs, and descents put extreme demands on the equine hoof and the hoof protection used. Our goal was to have our products excel through the toughest equine competition in the world. It’s an event where you can’t fake results, and where results trump marketing – it really tells you if something works.

Along with the rest of the world, Tevis had to pivot in 2020 and cancel the annual July event. They still wanted to offer a way for their riders, crews, volunteers, supporters and lovers of the trail to still be able to participate, though. Thus the creation of a virtual event, which was so well received they brought it back for 2021.

We plan on putting some of our Easyboot and EasyShoe styles to the test this summer and fall while we log our miles for this virtual event. Virtual events like this are great for increasing accessibility and making it possible for more people to participate! They even have a non-riding division for those without easy access to a horse.

Registration opens on June 28th, and the virtual ride will start the same day as the Traditional Tevis Cup Western States Trail Ride – July 24, 2021. Riders and their mounts (or those joining us without a horse) will have 100 Days to complete their 100-miles. All miles must be completed by November 1, 2021, and results submitted by November 10, 2021.

You can complete the 100-miles in as many smaller excursions as you choose to finish the goal. It is not recommended to ride the 100-miles all at once unless you are participating at an actual, sanctioned event with veterinary controls. As you log your completed miles, you will receive updates of where you now are along the historic Western States Trail.

EasyCare is very proud to have our products tested and trusted by the Tevis competitors in the US and around the world. Will you take on this virtual Tevis challenge this year? If so, will you be using Easyboots while you and your horse travel 100 miles?