Larry Gates of Kingman, IN recently experienced some horse hoof problems.  After a little research he looked toward EasyCare for hoof boot help.  Read on to learn more about his experience.

“In January, my horse started limping. After investigation, I found that he had an abcess on his right fore. It became worse and he started limping on this left fore. The Vet was called and he said he didn’t think he had foundered, but might have white line disease. I decided to try the Easyboot RX.  I put them on the horse and left them on for 48 hours. Before the hoof boots he was walking like a foundered horse with his front feet extended and his back feet under his belly. After the 48 hours, I turned him out with these protective horse  boots and HE DIDN’T LIMP AND WALKED ALMOST NORMAL. Now I turn him out with them on while the ground is frozen, when it starts to get muddy, I take them off. These boots are great!! Just wish they were made for turnout and riding. Thanks so much.”

Thank you Larry for sharing your positive hoof boot experience with us!

Posted by Tara Kelly