The Hoof Care Clinic held in Oreana last weekend by your Bootmeister and sponsored by EasyCare, Global Endurance and Vettec was huge success. In spite of inclement weather, the turnout was impressive. There was live a demonstration on trimming, tool usage and Easyboot Glue-on procedure and there were lots of great questions.

Global Endurance Center provided drinks and refreshments for all the clinic participants. There were lots of power drinks and electrolyte supplements available for everybody.

Christoph explained the Glue-On boot. He emphasized the light weight of the new hoof protection on the market and how it is affecting horses’ performance. A scale was set up so everybody could weigh steel shoes, plastic shoes and EasyCare boots and compare them. A Glue-On Boot weighs half that of a steel shoe of the same size. That is the equivalent of a horse shod with steel carrying 50 lbs more on it’s back.

He went on to explain why flares need to get removed and how laid over bars can cause sole bruising. Notice the red bruise in the heel area in the photo below.

During the trimming section of the clinic Christoph introduced the Merlin, an innovative trimming power tool that makes hoof trimming a piece of cake.

The Merlin in action.

After trimming several hooves using traditional methods, it was time to glue on boots.  Christoph likes to set the selected boots out and apply Goober Glue first in all boots. He has found that it is sufficient to add Goober Glue in the shape of the frog into the sole of the boot. That provides good support for the frog and seals the heel part of the boot so no debris or water can enter. Any excess glue will get pushed out the heel and frog area and can be removed.

Now the boots are ready for the application of Vettec Adhere on the shell wall.
The boot is quickly placed onto the hoof. Vettec Adhere sets within a minute, so expediancy is required in putting the boot onto the hoof. A quick couple of taps with the rubber mallet, put the hoof down and seal the top edge of the hoof with Adhere or Soleguard.

Christoph explained that Adhere and Soleguard have the same adhesive strength for gluing on boots. He has tested them and can tell no difference in bonding to the hoof. However, if the outside humidity is high and/or the hoof has some residual moisture retained, he suggests Soleguard because it is more forgiving to a little moisture than Adhere. With Adhere, the boot and hoof have to be absolutely dry. A heat gun or similar drying device is a must if any moisture is present. Never take any short cuts, though: a clean and dry hoof is a must for success.

After the clinic, Christoph glued on a few more boots for some riders. Doug Swingley from Montana supported him. A big “Thank You” goes out to him.

At the end of the clinic, there was a prize drawing for all the participants. Prizes were donated by EasyCare, Vettec, Equiflex and Global Endurance Training Center included logbooks, saddle bags, hoof picks, Glue-On boots and Gloves, Vettec Adhere, Soleguard and Equi-Pak Sore No More products and insulated water bottles for the saddles.

After vetting in for the next day’s ride, it was time for some R&R and socializing. Vettec sponsored the Wine and Cheese Party and it was enjoyed by all the riders.

 Good stuff!

If you missed the clinic, check back regularly with the EasyCare Blog or event schedule. We’ll have more fun events planned throughout the riding season.

If you would like more information on trimming techniques and the Merlin, please contact me using the comments section of this blog. More detailed information on trimming and the Merlin power trimming tool is available on the latest post on the Global Endurance Center blog at

So long,

Your Bootmeister