1. Remove the old gaiter by unscrewing all six external screws and washers (three on each side).

    Step #1
  2. Attach the new gaiter on one side with only the front screw.
  3. Attach the gaiter to the other side with only the front screw. The back of the gaiter does not have to be seated on the boot at this step (this will make it easier to attach).

    Step #3
  4. Once the gaiter is attached on both sides, push the gaiter down over the heel of the boot until the two horse logos are lined up.

    Step #4
  5. You will know it is properly lined up when the two screw holes on each side are also lined up.

    Step #5
  6.  Reattach the remaining four screws to the boot.
  7. Go for a ride!

Need a replacement gaiter? Find it HERE!