Your EasyCare Product Specialist Team decided to try out Vettec’s new 210cc Adhere on an EasyShoe Performance recently. We found that the glue sets much more quickly than you might expect, so it’s critical that all of your supplies be laid out and ready to go before you begin gluing.




Use the Hoof Buffy to make sure that the hoof is clean, and that the hoof walls are scuffed up to give the glue more contact area and ensure a better seal.



Apply the glue tip to the bottle of Adhere and put it into the gun.




Squeeze the first bit of glue out onto something you will throw away. You want to make sure the glue is mixing in the tip properly before you apply it to your shoe.

Once the glue mixes in the glue tip, it will start heating up, and it will begin to set. If you don’t apply all of your shoes before it sets completely, you will need to throw away this glue tip and apply a new one.


Squeeze a generous amount of glue all around the outside of the white pad, as well as up the sides of the cuffs.





Firmly attach the shoe to the hoof and allow the horse to put its weight on that foot to ensure the hoof is fully sinking into the glue.



Add more glue to the outer rims of the shoe and smooth out with glove-covered fingers.


Finally, after a few minutes when you’ve given the glue time to finish setting, use the Hoof Buffy again to smooth out and polish the hoof wall where you just applied the extra glue. This will make your finished product look nicer while ensuring an excellent seal that should last for weeks.