1. Start by turning the bottom screws just a little until they are slightly loose. Test to see if you can move the heel insert in and out without the screws falling out.

Step 1

2. Move the heel all the way back and try it on the hoof. Use a pen or pencil to mark where the back of the horse’s hoof lies on the boot. Take it off the hoof.

Step 2

3. Move the heel piece forward to the place where it will fit snugly up to the horse’s heel, and then tighten up the screws on the bottom.

Step 3

4. Try it on the hoof again to make sure it’s a good fit, and then Loctite the bottom screws one at a time to ensure they don’t fall out.

Step 4

5. Let the Loctite dry, and then take them for a test ride!