Submitted by Stacey Maloney, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

Even though we had a nice, mild winter and we got lots of riding done, spring still brings with it a renewed energy, increased riding schedule and plans for the distance riding season.
Along with dusting the winter coat off my horses I pull out all my Easyboots to inspect, re-evaluate fit and replace any parts that may be becoming worn.

I have quite the array of styles in my tack room these days and as far as repairs go I rarely have to do any at all, although having said that just last weekend I had a cable fray on one of my million mile Epics I and took the Quick studs out of my Gloves. All easy-peasy stuff and there are many blogs and instructional videos on how to get it done on the EasyCare website – like here for instance “Repairing an Easyboot Epic Cable”

Re-evaluating fit isn’t difficult either just bring in your trusty mount, give them a fresh trim, measure their feet and compare it against the size chart of your selected boot – still look good? Now we get to ride!
Just as I get everything cleaned up I make quick work of heading out and getting it dirty all over again – I’m not easy on my gear but the Easyboot products sure stand up to wear and tear.

We have competitions coming up in 4 weeks for my gelding “KC” and 6 weeks for my mare “Marina”. They’re both loving getting back into the groove and seem invigorated by the spring air.

We’re racking up many many miles in our Easyboot Gloves and Epics and my project horse with the flared feet is loving her Easyboot Back Country’s.

I’m looking forward to the nicer weather and many miles on horseback with my Easyboots underfoot keeping my horses comfortable every step of the way!