I decided this year to try barefoot for the first time, and have spent the last few months trimming, fitting, etc. It hasn’t been easy, and several times I thought of putting shoes back on. But I decided to stick it out, with some help.

Luckily, the EasyCare team was available at Bryce Canyon for me to work with on my young horse, Spark! Duncan trimmed him and Kevin fitted him for his new Easyboot Gloves. After getting kicked in the hock on the way to the ride, I didn’t think that Spark was even going to get out on the trail. But by the fourth day of the ride, he was doing great, so we rode some “Duck miles” in our new set of Gloves! 27 miles from camp to lunch, with no boot problems and a horse that looked like he should’ve done his first 50 that day.

So glad I stuck it out!!!! Spark will do his first LD next weekend in his Easyboots. Whoohoo!

(Photo by Steve Bradley)

Name: Cynthia Ariosta
City: Elk, California
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove