Ever want to beat your head against the wall when your hoof measurements don’t quite add up to the boot you are actually fitting? We promise that accurate measuring isn’t as mysterious as Cinderella and her glass slippers, though if you’d like to see us as your equine fairy godmothers, we won’t complain. Here is the explanation of why measuring in millimeters is so crucial to getting the boot to fit (and making you look good).

Wouldn’t it be nice if boot fitting was always as simple as breaking out a ruler and measuring length and width? Fortunately, to address the 3D nature of boot fit, EasyCare has fit kits available for regular and wide Glove and Back Country sizes as well as each of the four EasyShoe models. Full fit kits that contain complete size runs are available to our hoof care practitioner and vet dealers for purchase. Don’t forget that you can always order the three size rental fit kits for yourself or a client if you need sizing backup.

Wouldn’t it also be nice if the sizes were consistent across styles? If we had REAL magic wands we would change this for you, but in real life, each hoof needs measurements after a fresh trim and should be compared to the size chart specific to each style. If you use your Glove fit kit and fit the horse into a 2 Glove, that same horse will not be a 2 in the Epic, or the Trail, or the Transition, or the Cloud or the….well, you get the gist. In the same vein, cross referencing size charts to get a horse’s size in a different style boot is tempting, but not so accurate. Set yourself and your clients up for booting success by taking the extra minute to measure those feet.

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