Got some hoof prep and finish vampires that need slaying? Buffy to the rescue.

The Buffy is the fancy name for a Hoof Buffer Attachment. It is an absolute godsend for anyone who is out there gluing boots or shoes. Not only is it indispensable for quick and flawless hoof prep, it finishes hooves to give every trim and every glue on application a slick professional look.

So what is it? The Buffy is a rotary sander with an air bladder inside. It attaches to your existing drill (more horsepower is better) on one end and has a handle on the other. Slide on a sandpaper sleeve, inflate the air bladder, and let ‘er buck!

Buffy comes with a valve stem remover/spare cap combo piece. You can replace the black plastic valve cap with this little unit or you can use it to remove the valve core if you felt compelled to change it out. It is not a different kind of valve for a different pump.

20 PSI is the optimum air pressure in your Buffy. A mountain bike shock pump is the perfect air pump for your kit. Small, lightweight, and a pressure gauge built right in. Pictured below is a Rock Shox brand pump purchased for about $25 off Amazon.

Should you puncture the air bladder that comes on your Buffy, EasyCare has spares available for purchase. Changing the bladder is no big deal, you can read all about it here.

The sleeves are available in ten packs of 60, 80, and 100 grit. 60 is great for prep and the finer 100 grit is excellent for finish work.

You can extend the life of your sleeves with the use of a belt cleaning stick-just buffy the stick to clean out the hoof wall and adhesive particles that gum up the paper.

Lots of folks use some kind of dust mask to keep inhalation of said particles to a minimum. We’ve seen everything from your basic hardware store dust mask to thin neck gaiters to the always stylish outlaw bandana. Check out Mario Gargiulo of Wild Hearts Hoof Care in Ventura, CA – thanks for the awesome photo, Mario.

Get in touch with us to find out more or to order your very own Buffy or to send us your dust mask selfies.

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