This month, we would like to share a success story with you. The story comes to us from April Volling. Based in central Florida, April has been an EasyCare dealer since 2012.

Cadet is a 6 year-old Thoroughbred jumper with recurrent lameness. This horse was constantly resting his right hind and was repetitively back and hip sore despite saddle fit, massage and chiropractic care. The massage therapist/saddle fitter told them they need to fix the feet, so they hauled him a couple of hours to April. He was barefoot. Upon the vet’s recommendation the EasyShoe Performance was glued onto all four feet. Now he’s standing square and stepping up behind.

“It was a very educational day today.” said Lori Tankel, a friend of Cadet’s owner. “I trailered a friend’s horse to a performance sport horse vet in Alachua, north of Gainesville. Cadet has been having soundness issues off and on for several months, mainly related to a sore back and hip. His mom has spent months and lots of money, employing saddle fitter, chiropractor, and massage therapist, but he would always regress. So today, off we went at the crack of dawn to finally get to the root of this. Initial x-rays of the feet revealed, aside from the obviously long toes, that his soles were thin, short pastern angles were off and most importantly, the coffin bone in the rear feet were lower in the back by several degrees. Normally, the bone, which is perpendicular to the sole, should be a tad lower in the front of the bone. The farrier trimmed Cadet, trimming the toes, and x-rays were taken again (2nd picture), already showed a huge improvement, with short pastern bones getting more in line and the coffin bone lining up. Then, the farrier applied these really cool rubber shoes, which just came on the market. They are called EasyShoes and are flexible. Cadet got the glue-on shoes this time. Then x-rays were taken again (3rd  frame) and as you can see, the change is impressive. Not only that, but he walked freely and for the first time was actually overstepping! He was standing squarely on all fours and not resting his hind leg in a manner that he usually does to alleviate the pain. In just a few hours, this horse was transformed and it will be exciting to see how he continues to improve over the coming days, weeks, and months.”



We hope you were inspired by Cadet’s success with the EasyShoe. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about the incredible EasyShoe, tell us your success story or to place your order.

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