Let’s cut to the chase. You all know Comfort Pads in hoof boots yield big results. Utilizing Comfort Pads in boots provides relief from hoof maladies and encourages correct movement. This small addition can make a big difference to a horse by providing solar support, eliminating peripheral loading and vibration while increasing blood profusion within the hoof. With so many great benefits what’s not to love about them?

If you haven’t noticed, EasyCare has given these little wonders a bit of a makeover.

The older style pads had lines printed on each side-each corresponding to a different boot model. The trouble was that even with four different shapes in each thickness and each density, there were still models and sizes of boots that didn’t jive with the templates stamped on the pads.

The new style has a universal fit and is not stamped with any lines. Any one of them can be cut to fit any of the 129 possible shapes of boot. No more guessing which style or which size to order. All you need to know is what density and which of the two thicknesses you’d like. Instead of selecting one of 24 different pads, you only have to choose between six.

So basically, you can fit more boots with less pads. Simple!

You will also notice a difference in the feel. They are still made from the great EVA material you have come to know and love but now they are now closed-cell making them better for keeping moisture and bacterial levels down.

The best way to size the pads is to trace the hoof directly onto the pad and then cut it out. Of course, since you don’t always have the horse at your disposal sometimes using a template is better.