I recently posted a blog about the pressure on a horse’s frog comparing barefoot to shod. I had found that the barefoot prints showed signs of the frog being stimulated, whereas the horseshoe prints showed no sign of the frog whatsoever.

Barefoot hoof print

I couldn’t help compare it a horse that was wearing Easyboots. With all the controversy over whether or not Glue On hoof boots causes any issues on the horse, I thought it would be an interesting example. I have not had any ill effects with the Glue Ons that I’ve used on my horse. 

Glue On boot with Goober Glue as sole packing.

One of the advantages that the Glue Ons have is that you can add Goober Glue as a sole packing. Take a look at the barefoot hoof print above and compare it to the packing used in the Glue On boot. There is no doubt that the frog is being stimulated while also providing the horse with even more shock absorption. It’s taking the best from the booted and barefoot worlds!

Posted by Miriam Rezine