Here is a great clip of Brenda Buje’s Spotted Draft named Lucy with her Easyboot Epics and her grey QH, Jack who is sporting the Easyboot Gloves, their choices for protective horse boots. 

EasyCare’s Studs are a must for for the icy conditions this time of year and both horses are using the studs with great ease.

Jack only has one orange Power Strap on his boots but has since ordered more!  If you have gaps along the top of your Glove Boot or if you ride in extreme conditions, we recommend that you add a Power Strap to your boots. Benefits include:

  1. It helps the upper portion of the Glove shell fit tighter around the hoof. The tighter fit
      helps keep dirt and debris out of your boot.
  2. The Power Strap helps improve fit on feet with flair or imbalances. 

  3. It helps keep the Glove snug and centered when used in extreme conditions.    


 Posted by Marcie Mendoza


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