This is my Shetland pony four in hand, competing for the very first time, as a team at The Australian Masters games, Combined Driving Event, Monarto, South Australia.

All the hard work that was put into them paid off – they came home with a gold medal. But the stars of the performance were their Easyboots, a combination of Epics and Bares, in sizes 000 and Pony. The boots performed beautifully, four of the boots have clocked over 1,000 kms and still going strong. I also have recently changed over to the EasyUp Buckles and boy, do they do what they promise. Makes putting 10 boots on every run a snap.

Coming out of the first obstacle, Mark Billett and Judi Carr as grooms. Photo by Kangra Graphics. Ponies – leaders, Ollie and Pearl. Wheelers Opal and Brio.

I would like to thank Easycare Downunder for their exceptional service.

Name: Jill B.
City: Woodside, South Australia
Equine Discipline: Other
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic