This article from the looks at Laminitis pain in horses and that it might originate from a different source according to Stacey Oke, DVM MSc.  It is always a challenge to keep a laminitic horse comfortable and walking.  Seeking help from a expert barefoot hoof care professional and veterinarian is paramount for recovery. EasyCare offers many options in protective horse boots and Comfort Pads for horses in pain or in need of some extra support.    Seeing is believing; check out this clip sent to us by Hoof Care Practitioner, Sally Hugg of Oroville, California of a foundered clients horse before and after with EasyCare’s Epics and hoof pads.  The Rx therapy hoof boot would also be an excellent choice for this type of situation.


  1. the rx therapy boot does not hold up one bit on numerous ocasions it has fallen apart tougher materials are needed and thes is for horses trying to recuperate in small turn out paddocks

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