Do you have any Easyboot Epics laying about in need of gaiter replacement? Have you been putting it off because you thought it would be too complex? I just replaced an Epic gaiter today and it was easier than I expected.

I got out my new gaiter complete with directions: screw driver, old boot and I was ready to go.

I removed the old gaiter and left the gold inside nuts in place. The new gaiter comes with new screws and washers, which are all the components you need. I reattached the new gaiter by the top front screws just like the directions suggest.

I then slid the gaiter down over the back of the boot and lined up the next set of holes. They didn’t line up, and it wouldn’t slide down more.

So I looked inside the boot. The sewn edges on the new gaiter had hung up on the rear edge of the Epic, preventing it from sliding down and allowing the holes to line up.

Since trying to push the edges down inside with my fingers didn’t work well, I used the tip of my hoof pick like an old fashioned shoe horn, and just slid that gaiter edge right down in there. I made sure that it was fitted nicely. 

It fits together perfectly. Time to add the washers and screws.

It’s as good as new. The procedure took ten minutes, and that’s only because I stopped to take pictures for you.

Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2014 Member