Welcome to our shiny new monthly column, Secrets of the Savvy (SOS). Here you will find all manner of tips and tricks to make your life easier and more profitable. You will also find the latest breaking news on new products and new applications for existing product.  We will showcase one product or theory each month.

We hope that SOS becomes a place for you to comment with specific questions and feedback. It is easy to add comments at the bottom of the column and we would love to hear your thoughts and insights. Is there something you think we are missing? Are there ways we can make dealership easier for you-services you wished we would provide? Topics you would like to see addressed in a future SOS? Let us know: we are here for you.

Without further ado, drum roll please, we are kicking things off with our new Snug Straps.

Ready to declare all out war on mud this spring? Small but mighty Snug Straps for Glove Backcountry and Trail boots might just be your secret weapon. Equip yourself and your clients with Snug Straps and thwart mud’s evil efforts to wreak havoc on your life. Check out this video on installation:

Four sizes for the entire range of Backcountries and Trails make Snug Straps easy to stock:

Hoof Care Practitioners and Vets: for more info, pricing, or to place your order contact Debbie dschweibert@easycareinc.com or Rebecca rebecca.balboni@easycareinc.com.

Be sure and check back next month for the next installment of Secrets of the Savvy.