The changing of seasons and wide temperature variances throughout the day are prime reminders to make sure adhesives and other gluing materials are handled with care. Glue and horses are a lot alike-take care of them, and they’ll take care of you.  Let’s go over a few general guidelines to keep you gluing like a boss all year long.

Manufacturer’s guidelines for set and cure times for adhesives and pour in materials are usually based on a 70 degree ambient temperature. Optimum temperature range for gluing is between 65 and 85 degrees. These timeframes will speed up in the heat and slow down when it is cold. Take the guesswork out of how much by keeping cartridges, tips, shoes and shells in a climate controlled environment.

As always, hoof prep is critical to gluing success-no matter the temps. Remember to organize your materials (don’t forget your Zips), prep feet thoroughly, and take your time. Fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on your adhesives and packing materials. Store these items in a cool dark place and use within a month once opened. Stay aware of expiration dates and rotate stock using FIFO: first in/first out.

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