Life in Arizona is a hard one. Here it is the end of March, and we all are wearing shorts and flip flops. The skies are blue with an occasional breeze and nary a cloud in the sky. A courageous woman named Heidi, of the Lucky Pup Ranch, took on the feat of ride manager this past weekend. Her ranch is nestled in the rolling high desert just a stones throw away from the famous Tombstone… Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were there at this ride in spirit, and the echoes of Boot Hill could be heard at night, along with the passing trains’ whistles.


Friday before the ride, 23 riders showed up to eloquently park their rigs neatly in a pasture. Once checked in, Rocky, of Rocky’s Lot cooked up some fine grub for all. It felt like home as riders and families gathered together to eat, drink and hold the ride meeting.

The Saturday morning starts were 7am for the 50 milers, 8am for the LD’s. Each was a controlled start. I, myself did the LD with two of my riding buddies. The trail was well ribboned with plenty of water along the way. The rolling grasses, the plethora of mama and baby cattle, and the bonus of circling the Mescal Studios added to the charm of this ride. The Mescal Studios has been the scene of many movies, but the only one I remembered from the information was the movie “Tombstone”, with Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer and Sam Elliott.

I had great help in using the Glue Ons on her fronts only. I must say, this was the easiest, most stress free boot ride I have yet to do. I will have my neighbor, the Jedi Master of glued on Glue Ons removal help to remove the boots. I’ve got to tell you, that I am very curious to see what is under those boots after being on for 7 days! It’s like Christmas! (Ah, how easy it is to amuse horse people.)

The ride was well done with many volunteers, awesome vets and a great human megaphone (Roger) to keep us all on time. The food was yummy and the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. Thank you Heidi for your commitment this year and please thank your neighbors for the use of their land.

I suggest that if you are interested in doing a ride in Arizona, be sure to put this one on your list.

The End.
Sabrina Liska M34262

…and just because I love this picture…