The high profile case of horse abuse from last summer is set to go to trial for a second time in February.  The father and son were convicted on 21 counts of misdemeanor animal abuse, the father sentenced to 10 months in jail and fined $5850.00 and the son to 11 months in jail and a fine of $6435.00.  The men appealed their conviction to district court.  You can read the whole story here.

It all started last summer when Dawn Merrill (Team Easyboot Member) and Jay DeHart and Q DeHart – EasyCare dealers from High Performance Hooves, were on a trail ride and came across a downed horse that was left on the trail to die.  They tried to help the horse themselves but decided they needed help so Dawn and a neighbor rode back the next day and after 10 hours were able to get the horse to walk out of the mountains after putting on Dawn’s Easyboot Bares.  The owners were found and 3 additional horses were removed from their care.  Authorities said it was one of the worst cases of animal abuse they had ever encountered.

Dawn, Jay and Q spent an afternoon trimming hooves that were in bad shape and applying Easyboot Epics donated by EasyCare  to the four abused horses. High Performance Hooves was hands down our pick for dealer of the month for September 2008.

Thanks again, Dawn, Jay and Q!  Let’s all hope these abusers get what they deserve!

Posted by Shari Murray