Greg and Sadie looking good.Tally Ho! There seems to be no limits to EasyCare’s Old Mac’s G2 hoof boot. This boot excels in many areas and now we can add fox hunting and hunter pace to it’s already impressive resume.

EasyCare dealer and natural hoof care provider Don Vick of Hoof-N-Boots trims for this this dynamic duo and found the Old Mac’s G2 to be just what this team needed. Greg Hoit pictured here with his mare Sadie, fox hunts during the winter and then hunter paces during the warmer seasons.

Greg writes, “I am delighted with the performance of the Old Mac’s hoof boot. I had previously tried the Easyboot Epic and Gloves and had difficulties with those coming off during hard riding or mud. My mare, who is barefoot, paddles on the right front, so the G-forces when she gets going are tremendous; and she was literally throwing off the Epics during gallops or runs through muddy stretches.

I started using the Old Mac’s G2 in November, for this current hunt season, and they have NEVER come off. This includes two hunts where I used them without being able to secure the pastern strap due to the broken leather piece! The traction is great and after some early rubs we have learned how to secure them without any further problems. As Sadie gains more confidence we have started her over fences. Recently we did jump one small coop twice beautifully and a small vertical log jump about four times also very nicely. She and the Old Mac’s did great, in less than ideal footing. She’s not ready for a big coop yet but we’re building that way with more reps and increased confidence.

 Sadie, give us another look at her Old Mac's.

While we don’t cover the distances the endurance riders do, in our fox hunts, we can still have some amazing gallops/runs in some difficult terrain and footing conditions. The net is, I am very happy with the performance of these boots. I am hoping they will continue to perform and last well.”

Sadie gives us another look at her Old Mac G2s.

Old Mac’s fans, what do you love best about EasyCare’s Old Mac’s G2 hoof boot?

Debbie Schwiebert


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