We wanted to share a product review from Caroline. Caroline is with the The Stagecoach West, a horse tack and saddle shop, in Irving, New York, and she decided to give the EasyShoe Versa Grips a try.

EasyCare’s Hoof Care Practitioner Representative, Dan Schroeder, spoke with Caroline about the EasyShoe Versa Grip and gave her some great sizing and application recommendations.

Caroline was able to use the EasyShoe Versa Grips on her horse when she competed in the Old Dominion 100 endurance race on June 12, 2021. Here’s what she had to say:

You can see the condition of the trails at the Old Dominion 100 this past weekend in the photo above. It was slick rocks almost the whole way. The Virginia mountains are no joke!

Those Versa shoes held up perfectly, and gave better traction on the slick rocks than most other products I’ve ever used. We finished in 6th place, and even got the Old Dominion Trophy because we were the highest placing horse and rider team that didn’t use any leg protection.

Congratulations, Caroline! It sounds like you had a great race, and we’re so glad the EasyShoe Versa Grips worked well for you and your horse. Way to go on winning that trophy!