Submitted by Pascale Winckler, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

23-24 May 2015, I went to Belgium for a 100 km orienteering trail event in the Belgian Ardennes mountains using a pair of Easyboot Gloves on the front and pair of Easyboot Epics on the rear.

First part of an orienteering exercise: plot the route on the map, to be able to find all checkpoints.

The first loop measured 40 km and the second one was 60 km. The ground was rocky for most of the way and I was very happy to have the full sole protection and the good grip provided by the Easyboot Gloves. There were also parts with deep mud. The Gloves did their job and stayed in place.

On the trail, day one.

During the night between the two loops, I just loosened the gaiters on the Gloves and released the cables on the Epics, but left the boots in place.

 Pausing at a checkpoint with a friend on day 2.

My equine partner passed the vet gates perfectly well and I was very happy. The hoof boots help me keep his joints healthy. He is a 17 year-old Fjord/French Cob cross gelding. I bought him when he was 12 and overweight, and with years of uncorrected bad manners. Using boots was an important part of the rehabilitation process, as he was lame on rocky ground. Now he has very strong hooves and works partially barefoot at home, but I systematically use Easyboots for important events. With boots, his feet are well stimulated during the rides and I know I will always see a peak of growth just after such rides. 

Resting after a 100 km trail ride, barefoot again. The hoof boots are stored for the next big ride.