Can’t get much easier for the horse owner. The RidersRasp is designed to round out your horses hooves. It is an emery board for the hoof and helps maintain hoof form without removing hoof wall. The rasp safely and effectively retains and prolongs balance between professional hoof trimming in the same time and position it takes to clean out your horses’ hooves. 

Round away the flares and chips and sharp edges on your barefoot hoof. This handy tool, ergonomically designed with small and large grip ends fits comfortably in all hands. With regular use not only will the rasp lengthen time between trims it will also help save you money. It is perfect for trail rides, shows or to keep in your horse trailer.  

Keep those hooves healthy and clean and help avoid horse hoof problems. In addition, look at Easy Boots and hoof pads and really make a good, healthy choice for your horse! 
 Posted by Marcie Mendoza