EasyCare hoof boots have been used successfully at the Tevis Cup 100 Mile Endurance Event

The Tevis Cup
since Neel Glass completed the event using Easyboots in 1975.  The 1975 completion by Dr. Glass marked the first time in history that a booted horse completed a 100 mile event in hoof boots.  The success of booted horses has continued over the years and  Easyboots have gone on to win both the Tevis Cup (1st place) and  Haggin Cup (Best Condition).

Laura Hayes and Rushcreek Nerk Laura Hayes and Rushcreek Nerf at the 2009 Event.  Laura and Nerf had a solid finish fitted in four Easyboots.

Before the 2009 Tevis event, EasyCare helped 20 riders with the installation of Easyboots before the event.  Riders using Easyboots had a 75% completion rate,  compare that to the 50 year average of 50%.  Was the booted success in the 2009 event luck?  Or is there something that hoof boots do to protect the horse over the 100 miles of rocky trail?

Tevis09-27 Booting horses before the 2009 Tevis. 

EasyCare would like to use the 2010 event to continue the study.  Will the 75% completion rate continue?  Will the completion rate of booted horses get better?  Only time will tell.

Kevin Waters and Golden Ali in 2009
Kevin Waters and Golden Ali on the way to Forest Hill.

Do you want to ride the 2010 Tevis Cup courtesy of EasyCare (We pay your entry fee)?  Here is what we are proposing.

1. EasyCare will pay the Tevis entry fee for all riders who use four Easyboots on a barefoot horse. But riders need to do the following to get reimbursed.

2. The rider has to finish two 50 mile events prior to the 2010 Tevis in Easyboots to qualify. We want people to know the product and have success before they arrive.

3. The EasyCare team will help install the Easyboots the Thursday and Friday morning before the event. No boot installs from Friday noon on. We are also riding and need time to get prepared.

4. You need to finish to get reimbursed for your ride entry. Last year booted riders had a 75% completion rate compared to the 50% 50 year average. In the worst case you have a 50% chance of riding Tevis for free, If you use boots you have a 75% chance. If you use boots and ride smart it could be 80% or better. 80% or better is news and will make the world take notice!

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  1. Garrett, as for the application of the boots by your staff, can it be done on a Wednesday the day of the BBQ? I figure might be easier on you guys to prepare for yourselves as well and most people will be there. I was planning on riding in the gloves, but won’t be at Robie until Friday. I don’t like to get up there too early. Thus, the question is, can an entry applicant have their boots put on by your staff on Wednesday instead? My friend Vicki (a barefoot and booter herself) thought that would be a much better idea too. Thanks, Kathie ford

  2. What do I need to do to have proof of riding the two 50 mile rides prior to the tevis to qualify for the 2010 entry fee program?

  3. If a boot comes off you put it back on. What happens if you loose a shoe? In 2009 84 Easyboots started the event and only one boot came off. Many shod horses finished with Easyboots. Yes we still give discounts for trading old boots. Start using boots now and hope to see you at Tevis.

  4. What if an easyboot comes off on the ride?
    I would like to take you up on your offer. I am actually ready to get a fit kit so I know what size to use. Do you still give discounts for turning in old boots? I want to condition my horses this winter with Gloves I think but use glue on ones for multi-days or the Tevis.

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