On Saturday, July 24, 2010, approximately 200 riders will cross the start line of the 54th edition of the Tevis Cup. 36 of them will be officially competing in the Ride Tevis for Free Contest, which means that if they cross the finish line at the Auburn Fairgrounds their ride entry and belt buckle will be provided to them courtesy of EasyCare.

Competing riders must start and finish the race wearing four Easyboots. Although most of the riders will be using Easyboot Glue-Ons on barefoot horses, some contestants are using Original Easyboots glued on over steel shoes.

“That’s not all,” said Julia Lynn-Elias of Dewey, AZ, who is one of the contestants. “EasyCare is providing the boots for the event; the tools and equipment needed to apply the boots and the EasyCare staff are applying the boots for the riders. I’m definitely feeling lucky!”

As soon as competing riders cross the finish line at the Auburn Fairgrounds on July 24 or 25, 2010, EasyCare will reimburse riders their entry fees. The stakes are without question in favor of riders in Easyboots: the completion rate of horses in Easyboot Glue-Ons at the 2009 Tevis was an impressive 70% compared to the 50% average overall completion rate of all horses entered in the competition.

Riders will descend 23,000 feet and climb 19,000 feet. They will have to trot and canter up and down hard-packed service roads, pick their way through boulder fields and bogs and canter through forest trails. They will wade through rivers, navigate steep canyons, climb the infamous Cougar Rock and stumble their way in the thick, soupy darkness of night along precipitous mountain trails no wider than a horse.

We’re all set up for a gluing festival, splitting the appointments over three days in two locations. More than half of the competing horses will have their boots applied at Barn 2 at the Auburn Fairgrounds. We’ve got a couple of stalls set up that will keep the horses out of the direct sunlight. The appointments start on Wednesday and Thursday in Auburn and then move up to Robie Park in Truckee on Thursday afternoon and Friday.

Ride Tevis for Free Contestants
  1. Laurie Birch
  2. Nicole Chappell
  3. Crystal Costa
  4. Connie Creech
  5. Karen Deaver
  6. Karen Donley
  7. JJ Donley
  8. Kathie Ford
  9. Garrett Ford
  10. Lisa Ford
  11. Rodger Ford
  12. Julia Lynn
  13. Debra Karl
  14. Paschal Karl
  15. Tennessee Mahoney
  16. Leah McCombs
  17. Duncan McLaughlin
  18. Kathy Myers
  19. Dave Rabe
  20. Heather Reynolds
  21. Jeremy Reynolds
  22. Tim Reynolds
  23. Carla Richardson
  24. Vicki Saitta
  25. Robin Schadt
  26. Christoph Schork
  27. David Shefrin
  28. Kathy Sherman
  29. Pascale Soumoy
  30. Steph Teeter
  31. Rusty Toth
  32. Kevin Waters
  33. Dian Woodward
  34. Janet Worts
  35. Kris Wright

Please join me in wishing all of our riders the very best of luck in the most gruelling of competitions. I’ll be at the vet checks cheering them on and assisting them in any way that I can. I can hardly wait!

Kevin Myers


Director of Marketing

I am responsible for the marketing and branding of the EasyCare product line. I believe there is a great deal to be gained from the strategy of using booted protection for horses, no matter what the job you have for your equine partner.


  1. Hi Kevin! Tevis! We completed. Came in last but we completed! She is 17 so I only rode for completion only. I didn’t care where I came in.

    The boots performed wonderfully well! Especially in that first horrible bog! uggg…I also felt they protected my mares legs from concussion so well that her legs did not even stock up after 100 hard miles. Time wise I got backed up in the canyons a bit, as can happen when riders get bunched up. So like it or not you can get stuck. Some riders refused or ignored polite request for trail. I ended up getting a little more aggressive later. I hate to be that way. Anyway, I’m so pleased. I love these boots and you and Rusty did a fine job of putting them on for me. My other mare, Malaia also completed but was in shoes. She’ll have those pulled and will be booted from now on as well. 🙂

    So thank you all so very much for the opportunity. I wore the shirt but I was just to hot to keep it on later. (menopause…ahahaha!) But I will wear it proudly as well as the brown crew shirt whenever I’m around and about or on a ride.

    Thank you and Super Congrats to Garrett Ford (so funny we have the same name) on the Haggin Cup! I think thats even better than the Tevis cup!!! 🙂 His horse looked beyond fantastic!! And to all the others.
    By the way, was was EasyCares completion percentage? kathy sherman completed too.

    kathie ford

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