Thank you to everyone who recently participated in the recent Versa Grip Octo Contest! We were blown away by all of the creative photos and videos of the Octo.

In case you missed the results of the Versa Grip Octo Contest on Facebook, we’ve compiled the winner & runner up for each category: Best In-Action Application, Most Creative Application, and Best Octo Application.

Results of Best-In Action Application

In second place for Best In-Action Application, we have Mykayla Corgnell. The EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo is suitable for all disciplines and terrains. Mykayla successfully navigates through deep water, mud, rocks, and grass in the Octo. Nice job, Mykayla!

Versa Grip Octo in action with Mykayla Corgnell.

First place for Best In-Action Application goes to Brenna Spangler. Brenna went above and beyond in her video, showing the traction, flexibility, and versatility of the Octo. Brenna and her horse Ella put the Octo to the ultimate test. Excellent work, Brenna.

Versa Grip Octo Application by Brenna Spangler.

Results of Most Creative Application

We have a tie for second place! Congratulations to Diane Stevens for being selected as one of the runner-ups. Diane created one of the most detailed Octos we’ve seen. We love these bedazzled design and unique turquoise color. Stunning!

Versa Grip Octo designed by Diane Stevens.

Our other second place winner is Leslie Cobb. Leslie does a fantastic job highlighting the features of the Octo in her creative video. Leslie created a true Octo with tentacles and all!

Versa Grip Octo designed by Leslie Cobb.

Coming in first place for Most Creative Application is Hannah Nichols of Hannah’s Horse and Hoof. We love Hannah’s fun video and beautiful Octos. Hannah created the first multi-colored EasyShoes we’ve ever seen. Excellent work, Hannah!

Versa Grip Octo designed by Hannah Nichols.

Results of Best Octo Application

Coming in second place for Best Octo Application is Kristen Gonyaw. While Kristen did have very creative Octos, her video is what put her in the “Best Application” category. Her video correctly demonstrates the application process from start to finish, including hoof prep and gluing. We love the unique jumping perspective as well! Well done, Kristen.

Versa Grip Octo designed by Kristen Gonyaw.

Last but not least, in first place for Best Octo Application is Chris Niclas. Chris’ video shows a unique modification of the Versa Grip Octo. Chris shares his feedback on the application process:

“When I first put the Versa Grip Octo on my horse’s foot and saw that it did not fit correctly, I was first disappointed but then quickly realized this was going to be fun trying to come up with a solution to have it fit so that it would be a successful application. I really like that I could modify the finger placement on the shoe. This was purely an experiment to see if could change the position of the finger without cutting them off and welding them back on. Love it. Great product.”
Versa Grip Octo applied by Chris Niclas.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Versa Grip Octo Contest! We appreciate all of your great photos, videos, and helpful feedback. Please keep an eye on our social media for future contests. Don’t miss out on announcements regarding new products, contests, and more. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest news at EasyCare!


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