New Year
Happy New Year from EasyCare. I am always amazed at how quickly time passes. I joined the EasyCare team just over five years ago and it seems like a single blink. As each new year begins, I write my professional and personal goals and reflect on years past. In December I was thinking about all the changes I’ve seen in alternative hoof care in the past five years. Our market is on fire! I see it not only on a day-to-day basis, but also when I travel (both within North America and abroad). Alternative hoof care has teeth! 

One of the greatest things about working for EasyCare is the pace we move as a company. Take a second and think about some the product launches that have taken place at EasyCare since 2007:

Easyboot Grip

Easyboot RX
Easyboot Glove
Easyboot Glove Wide
Easyboot Glue On
Easyboot Glue On Wide
Easyboot Edge
Easyboot Trail
Fit Kits
New Gaiter design
EasyUp Buckle
New Buckle design
Over 120 product Videos
Over 23,823 Facebook Fans
Over 1,500 segment relevant blogs
Hoof Boot Contest

OK, I think you get the point. Our foot is on the gas, so hold on! 2012 will be more of the same because EasyCare is going to continue to develop, improve and grow. Thank you for all you do to help us continue be the world leader in hoof boots and natural hoof care.

Brian Mueller


Director of Sales

As the director of sales, I am responsible for identifying new dealer opportunities and building on existing relationships to foster ideas and create additional growth.