Here at EasyCare, we use Cloud boots all the time. Hauling, stalling, old horses, young horses, red horses, blue horses… they really are the best for all kinds of situations.

When you use them that often, though, the pads will need to be replaced eventually. Here is a quick guide to reference when you’re ready to replace your Cloud Insert Pads.

Step 1

Remove the old pads from your boots and clean out any debris that may have gotten stuck inside them.

Step 2

Make sure you have replacement Cloud Insert Pads, and that they are the correct size for your boots. The pad size needs to match the boot size.

If you’re unsure what size your boots are, check the inside tags. If those have worn off with use, you can also find the size stamped inside the boot right in the middle of the sole. The pads will also have the size stamped on them. You may notice that not all pads have the same stamps on the back. The only number you need to look at is the number before the # symbol. Below is an example of a replacement pad for a size 3 boot and a size 2 boot.

Step 3

Grab your pad and boot. Fold the back of the boot all the way down past the heel so it’s out of the way. Make sure the numbers on the pad are facing down, and that the flat, narrower side of the pad is facing the toe of the boot. The thicker, wedged portion of the pad should be at the heel.

Step 4

Push the flat end of the pad all the way into the toe of the boot. Once it is as far forward into the boot as it will go, you can push the heel of the pad down. You want to make sure the pad lays flat in the sole of the boot.

Step 5

Check all the way around the pad, making sure that no part of it got stuck on the fabric of the boot. Once you’re sure the pad is securely in place, unfold the back of the boot, and put it back on your horse, if you need to. You’re all set!