A  receipt can come in many forms, from a custom layout including company name and logo to a quick scribble on a scrap of paper.  Ultimately they both do the same job although each may leave quite a different impression!   Receipts serve as a record of transaction between parties and sales tax documentation.  As a friendly reminder if you are a EasyCare dealer please remember to issue receipts for all EasyCare product sales. This simple task should be a part of every business transaction and is a responsibility of EasyCare dealership.  Providing a receipt is the culmination of your excellent service and a professional way to end the transaction.  A receipt serves many purposes but mostly it protects you the dealer, and the customer. It is an agreement of a transaction involving a form of payment for goods and or services.  If a customer calls EasyCare directly for a warranty issue or a 30 day money back on any of our products, proof of purchase i.e. receipt, with the date of purchase noted is required. 

Not sure how to write a receipt with all the necessary elements? Click here for a simple overview. 

Whether it it is a pair of Easy boots for horses or simply a replacement cable or gaiter; no matter how big or small the order, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s simply good business.  Write ’em up!