Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Jordan Junkermann

Although it is true that using glue-on products for your horse’s hoof protection does require a few extra items such as a dispensing gun, a Hoof Buffy (or a rasp), and glue, the removal process doesn’t require anything fancy. Some of our instructions show you how to use nippers to remove our shoes, but that isn’t necessary in all cases.

These Easyboot LCs have been on my horse for five weeks. It has been eight weeks since her last trim, so it is time to remove the glue-on boots. All I am using for this removal process is a flat head screwdriver, a rasp, and a hoof jack.

These boots have not moved or tried to come off at all. However, you can see some cracking on the right hoof where the glue had started to separate some.




Steps for removal:

  1. Insert the screwdriver where the boot is already separating or near the quarters. 
  2. Work the screwdriver along the boot pulling it away from the hoof. 
  3. Once the majority of the hoof wall is separated you can pick up the hoof and work from the frog forward. 
  4. You can swivel the screwdriver from heel to toe in order to assist with boot removal.
  5. Once the separation has started, you can either use your hand or the screw driver to pop the boot off of the hoof. 

Hoof clean up:

  1. Pick out the hoof.
  2. Place hoof on hoof jack and use rasp to remove left over glue on the hoof wall.