In November 2003, Quinn #80 was an 8 year old, 14.3 hands, Roan Appaloosa pregnant mare. We helped rescue her from a PMU farm in Northern Manitoba, Canada, along with 21 other pregnant mares. More than the others, she lived in a constant state of mistrust and survival mode. She was also dangerous to anyone who approached her and would rear like a stallion to strike with her front legs. It took us weeks before we could remove the too tight halter she wore when she arrived and to this day she has an indentation on her nose as a reminder.

Over several months, many well meaning farriers tried to trim her hooves but she kicked & struck anyone who tried to lift her feet. Everyone, including trainers we hired felt she should be put her down due to her ongoing dangerous behavior. Knowing that this would be her ultimate fate, my husband & I adopted Quinn. We saw her as a special needs mare and having no agenda of our own, we gave her the time, love and care to mend from her ordeal she endured on the PMU farm.

After many years of dedication, broken ribs, welts from being kicked and trampled by Quinn, she is our ultimate success story. We learned that cross-ties and being tied in any way provoked bad behavior, most likely from being so vulnerable while restrained for most of her life. So we taught her to ground tie. She remains ground tied for vets, farriers, saddling, grooming and will not move until encouraged to do do. She is still uncomfortable accepting a bit so we chose to use a bitless bridle. Quinn has never accepted shoes, although she’s now a perfect angel with farriers in every other way, and that’s why we discovered Easyboots.

Proudly, we are now on our 3rd set. Next, we’re looking forward to trying the new generation Easyboot Trail. We love the idea of built-in gaiters and an easier slip on which will get us to the trails faster. We have renamed Quinn to include “Tara” Female Buddha, Mother of Liberation & Survival. To date, she resides at a wonderful farm with many pasture mates and enjoys her naps in the sun with the confidence that she is safe. QuinnTara has a home with us for the rest of her life.

Happy Trails.

Sylvia & Steven Stark

Name: Sylvia & Steven Stark
City: South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Trail