A Hoof Buffy is such a useful tool when it comes to preparing a hoof for gluing, as well as polishing up the finished product. All you have to do is attach it to an electric drill, turn it on, and move it slowly across the hoof wall. The Hoof Buffy will spin rapidly and make quick work of smoothing and cleaning the hoof.

However, it can also be very frustrating when it seems next to impossible to replace the Hoof Buffy Sleeves. The sleeves wear out just like sand paper does. The sleeves cover an inflatable bladder that keeps them in place. Even once you deflate the bladder, though, it can still be challenging to remove the worn down sleeve and apply a new one. They fit very tightly.

When we, your Product Specialist Team, were using the Buffy, we struggled with getting the sleeve to budge at all. We used scissors to cut the worn sleeve away, but then we couldn’t get the new sleeve into place.

We discovered that pressing the attachment against the floor made moving the sleeves much easier. With the bladder deflated and the Buffy against the floor, we slid one sleeve right off, and put a new one into the proper position. Being able to push against the floor was the trick, and if this wasn’t already your strategy, we hope you’ll give it a try and have an easier time using your Hoof Buffy.