The Easyboot Fury has many accessories and modification options that can seem daunting. How are you supposed to know which are necessary and which would well for you and your horse? We’d like to explain a little about each one and make them more approachable.

Ready to put the strap lock over the pin

The first is the Easyboot Fury Strap Lock. This accessory was designed to lock the pastern strap of the Easyboot Fury Sling into place so it would be difficult for any amount of pressure to pop the strap off of the pin.

To apply, simply slip the strap lock over the strap when the strap is undone. Slide the lock toward the center of the strap so it’s out of the way while you fasten the strap. Once you have fastened the strap onto the pin, slide the lock over the pin, and then push it towards the back of the shoe until it’s in the “locked” position.

Locked position

Now it’s safe to say that your strap will not come undone until you want it to.