Written by EasyCare Product Specialist, Jordan Anderson

Looking to exercise your horse this winter but need some extra traction over snow or ice? EasyCare Quick Studs are a great way to add extra traction with minimal effort and no damage to the boot. Quick Studs can be applied to both Easyboots and EasyShoes.

The Easyboot Sneaker is the only boot we do not recommend using with Quick Studs. Luckily, the Sneaker won’t need added traction because the sole is completely rubber and flexible, so it provides extra grip without the addition of studs.

The Easyboot Fury Heart and Fury Sling can accept a Quick Stud. However, the tread is a harder material than our other hoof boots, so more effort is required for application. The Fury line also has an aggressive tread pattern which grips well in most environments without added studs.

Here are our tips for success.

  1. If purchasing Quick Studs for the first time, DO NOT FORGET the Quick Stud Application Tool! This is a special drill bit to grip the Quick Studs. This is a one-time purchase.
  2. Pre-drill a little hole with a 3/16 in drill bit. Next, attach the Application Tool and apply the Quick Studs.
  3. Although Quick Studs can be applied if a shoe is already on a hoof, it is easier to apply beforehand; especially if you horse is not the biggest fan of the sound of a hand drill.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about using Quick Studs.

1. Can I remove the Quick Studs when I don’t need them and reapply later?

Yes, you can remove them and then reinsert them at a later date. There is still a little hole in the tread of the boot, so the Quick Stud may not hold in that same location as well. It would be safer to reapply the Quick Studs in a new location so that they don’t work their way back out.

2. If I do reapply the Quick Studs and my holes are packed with dirt, how can I clean them off?

You can soak the boot in warm water to soften packed dirt or mud. You can also use a hose or something with pressure to spray the dirt out.

3. Is the Quick Stud going to cause a pressure point or cause my horse to be sore?

No. Because the corkscrew design only goes part way into the tread, it won’t come in contact with the hoof or go deep enough into the boot to cause a pressure point.

4. When should I use Quick Studs on my hoof boot or shoe?

Quick Studs are ideal for jumping cross country on wet grass, fox hunting in grassy fields and paved roads, or riding over packed snow and ice in the winter. The options are endless for Quick Studs.

5. How many Quick Studs do I really need per hoof boot or shoe?

Four per boot is common, in the quarter area of the hoof or two at the toe and two at the heel. You can put as many as 10 on most of our boot tread patterns. It is also common to put 3 at the toe (especially for a shoe) and two at the heel.

Common Quick Stud placements on the Easyboot Glove.
Easyboot Glove with 4 Quick Studs in quarter area of the hoof.
EasyShoe Performance N/G with 8 Quick Studs.
EasyShoe Versa Grip with Studs has threaded inserts for optional 3/8 studs. You can also add Quick Studs, as seen here with 3 additional Quick Studs at the toe.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to apply Quick Studs on a pair of Easyboots.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to apply Quick Studs on a pair of EasyShoes.

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Whether you are currently riding in snow or gearing up for summer competitions, Quick Studs can give your horse security and confidence in slick conditions. Quick Studs are cost effective, easy to apply, and versatile. Have questions about Quick Studs? Let us know in the comments below.