Written by Product Specialist Jordan Junkermann

Sometimes the screws or t-nuts that hold our Easyboots together need to be replaced. All of these photos show repairs on an Easyboot Fury Sling, but these steps will apply when replacing screws on other Easyboot styles, as well. Here are some quick tips to help you while you’re doing your repairs.

Tools needed:

Replacement parts

Screw driver (Philips head)

Locking Pliers or Vise-Grips


Step 1.

If applicable, remove broken hardware.

Step 2.

Check for any damage to the boot itself, such as a tear or crack in the rubber.

If no damage is visible, proceed to Step 3.

If you see a tear in the boot or strap, you may need to replace that piece before continuing.

Step 3.

Line up the pieces:

*place a drop of LocTite on the screw threads*

Line up the t-nut on the inside of the boot.

Line up the strap against boot.

Place screw in outer hole.


Step 4.

Use pliers to hold all of the parts together so you can start to thread the screw into the t-nut. (Locking Pliers or Vise-Grips will allow you to have that hand free.)


Step 5.

Make sure the screw is threaded all the way in until it is flush with the t-nut.

TIP: Don’t let the screw continue past the t-nut because this could cause it to rub or catch on the hoof wall.